Sol Agency

Crafting our own identity


At Sol Agency, we embarked on an introspective journey to redefine and articulate our brand's identity.

Our vision was to create a brand and website that not only showcased our creative prowess but also encapsulated our ethos of bold innovation and versatile design thinking. The goal was twofold: to craft a brand identity that was robust and energetic, capable of standing out in the competitive landscape, and to develop a website that mirrored our commitment to simplicity and user engagement.

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Our design thinking

Brand Identity Development: Our journey began with an introspective look into what makes Sol Agency unique. Through collaborative workshops and creative brainstorming sessions, we peeled back the layers of our brand, identifying the core attributes that defined our essence - boldness, vibrancy, and versatility. The logo was designed to be strong and bulky, symbolizing our robust approach to creative challenges and solutions. We opted for a palette of bright, versatile colors, ensuring our brand would be adaptable across various marketing channels without being tethered to a singular hue, allowing for a dynamic brand presentation that could evolve with market trends.

Website Design and Development: The design ethos for our website was 'bold yet not overpowering'. We achieved this balance through a minimalist design accentuated with micro animations that add a layer of engagement without distracting from the content. This approach ensured our website was not only a reflection of our brand's creative DNA but also an intuitive platform for our clients to explore our portfolio and services.

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Finished product

The culmination of our efforts is a brand and website that truly embody the Sol Agency spirit. Our brand now stands as a beacon of creativity and innovation, equipped with a visual identity that is both striking and deeply resonant with our ethos. The website serves as a digital testament to our capabilities, inviting potential clients into a world where design meets strategy, and ideas are bound only by the limits of imagination.

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