Sole Junction

Where comfort meets quality craftsmanship


Where comfort meets quality craftsmanship, you'll find Sole Junction. Located in the heart of Silver Lake, Los Angeles, Sole Junction is a community-driven shoe store and leather goods brand on a mission to bring high-end, handmade leather shoes to their neighborhood.

When their previous branding approach failed to capture their core values and company culture. They asked us to focus on a rebrand that would better communicate their values and stand out against their competitors.

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Our design thinking

Sol conducted a brief assessment of their brand strategy, organizing and refining it before commencing exploration with a focus on "Community" and "Craftsmanship." The Sole Junction team identified themselves as "Caring Ambassadors" for their local community. Therefore, our objective was to create a visual identity that reflected their location, was relatable, and conveyed a modern yet rustic feel. With a final direction in mind.

We developed a complete branding system and marketing collateral to facilitate Sole Junction's long-awaited rebrand launch.

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Finished product

We provided Sole Junction with a fully developed branding system and tailored it across their website, storefront, packaging, promotions and beyond - unifying each touchpoint with a cohesive look and feel.

The final Sole Junction brand design exudes a sophisticated, elegant aesthetic through considered color, typography, texture and photography choices. Deep greens and earthy gold tones reference the lush landscapes and create an upscale yet approachable feel. Custom wordmark letterforms with thick sans serifs and clean lines emit approachability and reliability. Photography direction also enhances the sophisticated style through thoughtful prop selection and environment depicting. Clean, minimalist styling lets the quality craftsmanship and materials of their shoes and products shine as the focus in lifestyle imagery.

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