Martian Circus

A full spectrum art, music, and fashion experience


Martian Circus approached us seeking to elevate their brand to increase bookings and be taken more seriously as an entertainment offering that provides strong value. Though they had built a cult following for their imaginative events in certain regions, converting that to major festival and venue partnerships posed a challenge.

Additionally, Martian Circus sought better community engagement through enhanced email marketing and messaging tailored by location. We embarked on a collaborative journey to help propel their otherworldly productions to new dimensions.

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Our design thinking

We conducted brand strategy exercises to articulate attributes like an “Authentic Voice” and “Holistic Impact” which formed the foundation. Translating these visually resulted in an expansive identity and online experience transporting visitors to Martian Circus’s intergalactic world.

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Finished product

Since launching their galactic new website and marketing, Martian Circus has received glowing community reactions to their enhanced clarity and vibrance. The updated web presence better conveys their offerings in a compelling way that is clear to bookers. Specifically, the organized email marketing approach based on location efficiently promote nearby events.

Though increased profits and partnerships are still TBD, early indicators point positively towards achieving their initial goals. For Martian Circus, this project catalyzed essential improvements establishing credibility and conveying their wondrous energy in a professional manner to matches their productions.

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