Identifying challenges, crafting solutions: steering brands towards market excellence.

Sol Agency is a diverse and inclusive small minority business, dedicated to uplifting underrepresented communities.

The Boutique Edge

Sol Agency, a boutique creative firm, offers several unique advantages compared to medium or large-scale agencies, ensuring a tailored and personalized experience for our clients.

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Passion &

At Sol Agency, our passionate professionals focus on select projects, fueling enthusiasm and dedication to achieve outstanding outcomes for our clients.

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Our clients enjoy direct access to decision-makers and top creative talent, promoting efficient communication, decision-making, and fostering stronger client-agency relationships.

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Sol Agency's lower overhead costs often lead to more competitive pricing for clients, without compromising on quality or results.

Meet the Team

Embarking on a journey that spans over three decades, we proudly boasts 30+ years of combined agency experience. Throughout these remarkable years, we've roamed through the vast landscapes of creativity, traversing every twist and turn that the industry offers.

José Ramirez, Strategy

José Ramirez


With a results-driven mindset, José constantly seeks ways to optimize processes and deliver better outcomes for clients. His goal is to surpass user expectations and create exceptional user experiences that positively impact the business.

Ben Negrete

Creative Director

For Ben, the artistic process is everything. He finds purpose in every stage, from research and immersion to exploration and finalization, with the ultimate goal of connecting and moving users emotionally.

We focus on creating products that are tailored to the people they serve.

Our technical and creative approach is adjusted to each project's unique needs. However, everything we do is rooted in our tried and tested framework for delivering results.

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We aim to thoroughly understand your business, define user needs, and identify goals. This allows us to gain valuable insight and make a significant impact.


Our designers prioritize what's important and eliminate the unnecessary to deliver engaging digital experiences that are simple and effective.


During the delivery phase, we turn our vision into reality. We create everything with future improvements in mind that continues after the launch.

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A User-Centered Approach

Our approach emphasizes the importance of users, objectives, and results at every stage of the process. This methodology is deeply rooted in comprehensive research, stakeholder feedback, market analysis.