Frank & Beans Coffee Co

Serving up high-quality, ethically-sourced coffee


Frank & Beans Coffee Co. has been serving up high-quality, ethically-sourced coffee. As a specialty coffee roaster, they pride themselves on their commitment to sourcing only the best beans and perfecting their roasting process to bring out complex and bold flavors in every batch.

When Frank & Beans was ready to expand their wholesale operations, they knew they needed an upgraded brand and website to match their exceptional product. That's when they turned to Sol for a strategic rebrand and web redesign to fuel their growth.

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Our design thinking

We established a vibrant design system of peach tones and cyan, chose for their energizing and cheerful vibe. The color palette extends to illustrations in the brand assets including line iconography and scene setting imagery, creating visual cohesion. Hand-drawn elements also lend an approachable, bespoke feel while clean sans-serif typography provides balance.

The composite identity exudes the Frank & Beans essence - where quality coffee meets playful personality. The peach and cyan color world feels optimistic and energizing when applied across branded touch-points like their shop interior, packaging, merch and more.

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Finished product

Armed with a vibrant new visual identity and thoughtful brand strategy, we implemented Frank & Beans’ system across their digital and physical touch-points. These tactile moments unify to an energizing in-store and online brand experience.

Additionally, the identity translates seamlessly to social media marketing materials thanks to its strong colors and graphic style. As Frank & Beans continues to produce top-notch coffee with character, their branding now matches that lively personality.

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