Frank & Beans

Project overview

Frank & Beans Coffee Co. is a specialty coffee roasting company that prides itself on delivering high-quality, ethically-sourced coffee to its customers. Recently, they expanded their operations and knew they needed a partner to help them elevate their brand and marketing efforts. That's where we came in. Collaborating with Frank & Beans Coffee Co., we gave their brand a facelift and optimized their website to ensure it performs at its peak. Together, we crafted a fresh new look that resonates with their target audience and built a website that's easy to scale and test without requiring a team of developers.

Services Provided

Brand Strategy

Brand Support


Visual Identity

Brand Expression

One of the key aspects of our collaboration with Frank & Beans Coffee Co. was to express the brand's fun and playful personality across all touchpoints. From the website to the cafe concept to the packaging design, we infused a sense of joy and lightheartedness that aligned with the brand's values. We wanted customers to feel a sense of delight when interacting with the brand and to make the coffee experience enjoyable and memorable. This approach helped Frank & Beans Coffee Co. differentiate themselves in a crowded market and build a loyal customer base that connects with the brand's playful spirit.

Visual Language

The visual language we created for Frank & Beans Coffee Co. also incorporates an element of playfulness. We wanted to infuse the brand with a sense of joy and lightheartedness that would resonate with customers and make the coffee experience enjoyable and memorable. To achieve this, we incorporated playful elements such as hand-drawn illustrations and bold, whimsical typography. We also utilized bright, vibrant colors and patterns to create a sense of energy and fun.